Mindset Bundle: Career Comeback

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Before you make your career return, it really pays to get your head in the right place FIRST.

Our Mindset Masterclasses are a must to thrive during the return to work process.  Inside, you'll find everything you need to increase your confidence, reduce your guilt and build resilience.

The 3 inspiring Masterclasses within this bundle will guide you to:

1) Tap into your Motivation, uncover your Thinking Traps and  and develop a powerful Career Vision for the future

2) Cultivate your Confidence by teaching you about the science of confidence and coaching you through several confidence-building strategies that really work.

3) Get a Grip on Guilt by helping you understand where your guilt comes from, how it can both teach and taunt you and by sharing effective strategies to help you ensure it doesn't control you.

13 on-demand video tutorials (1.5 hrs viewing)

47 pages of templates and discovery tools

Unlimited program access and 24/7 coaching support. 


Mindset Bundle: Career Comeback includes these courses

Masterclass 1: Motivation, Thinking Traps & Your Vision
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Masterclass 2: Cultivate your Confidence
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Masterclass 3: How to Get a Grip on Guilt
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