True Partnership at Home Sample

A complimentary example of what to expect in your True Partnership at Home program

This short sample is a compilation of a few tutorials, to give you a feel for what you can expect in your SheThrives True Partnership at Home program.  If, after seeing this short sample you think the program is for you, simply click the 'Sign up Now' button at the bottom of the page to get started!

Our True Partnership at Home program gives you the know-how, the tools and the confidence to achieve a more sustainable split of the mental and physical load at home.

Consisting of 5 chapters filled with everything you need to thrive as a team at home, you'll learn how to make important mindset shifts that will help you to transition to more of a 'team' approach, as well as the simple strategies to successfully have the critical conversations with your partner that will make all the difference.  You'll receive templates and tools to help you build a sustainable partnership plan and we'll support you to put it into practice.

After completing your True Partnership at Home Program, you will feel equipped to create a much more balanced, thriving and loving environment in your household.


What does the free sample include?

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Belinda Elworthy
Belinda Elworthy
Co-Founder, SheThrives

Your expert team

Belinda Elworthy is a sought-after Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Program Director who has been coaching at the executive level and developing learning programs for the last 10 years. With a passion for women’s leadership development, and helping women to thrive, Belinda’s knowledge and superb communication skills, combined with her evidence-based coaching approach inspires her clients to lead in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. Prior to retraining as a coach in 2006, Belinda had a successful corporate career as a Group Marketing Manager. Belinda is a is currently completing her Master of Science in Coaching Psychology at Sydney University and is a proud mum to three energetic boys.

Amy Quinnell
Amy Quinnell
Co-Founder, SheThrives

Amy Quinnell is an experienced, strategic marketer who loves helping both businesses and teams get the most out of themselves. Having enjoyed 20 years in the corporate world across a number of global, blue-chip organisations such as Coca-Cola, Fosters, Unilever and T2, Amy is very familiar with the pressures and demands on women as they build and manage their careers both before and during parenthood. A mother to two very busy boys, Amy has spent the last 10 years experiencing the juggle that comes with raising children, running a household and sustaining a career – and whilst she doesn’t believe there is secret formula to keeping all the balls in the air, she’s passionate about helping women embrace the juggle with a greater sense of calm.

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